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11 Mar 2016

Did you know the average person spends 4 years looking down at their cell tags for followers on instagram phone over a lifetime? To be honest, I’m somewhat surprised it’s not even more (but I suspect this number to increase). As I glanced around my family room on Christmas evening I noticed every one of my family members scrolling through their social feeds, excluding my nephew; he’s 6 months old, but oddly always gravitates towards the iPhone (although it’s typically just an attempt to eat it). This is all somewhat depressing, but as my mom recently explained Facebook has given her the power to reconnect with friends and even family members that she hasn’t spoken to in over twenty years. We’ve all heard stories of long-lost siblings, lovers, and guardians finding each other via social platforms. Not to mention the powerful charitable movements like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which helped raise over get more instagram views free $100 million for ALS, a 3,500% increase from the $2.8 million raised during the same time period the year prior, according to Forbes. 2014 has been another thrilling year in the world of social media, from Instagram reaching 300 million users, surpassing Twitter, Facebook’s continuous algorithm updates pushing organic reach to a plummeting death, LinkedIn’s new publishing platform giving users a powerful way to build their brand, and SnapChat establishing themselves as a bigger player by displaying advertisements and sponsored stories. These updates are just dusting the surface of social media changes over the past year, but what does this all mean for your marketing plan in 2015? We all know that social media is critical to every business’s marketing initiatives (especially those in creative industries like craft marketing). Not having active social channels for your business is equivalent to showing up to work without pants; it’s embarrassing and not socially accepted. No one wants to be the idiot who shows up to work in their underwear, but what’s the point of maintaining social channels if they’re not adding value to your business? Well, there is none. You should be using social to do one or several of the following: establishing and growing brand recognition, gaining qualified leads, or improving customer relationships (ideally all three). In my post last year covering social media strategy suggestions for 2014, I stressed tactics such as creating a social media marketing plan and sticking to it, going above and beyond in social media customer service, embracing mishaps, and so on. Let me is there an app to get more likes on instagram assure you, these strategies are all still critical, but with the New Year upon us I have some new and improved tips up my sleeve to add to your social media marketing plan for 2015.

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How to Maximize the Conversion of Every Social Media Campaign

According to NewsCred, marketers will spend $8.3 billion on social media marketing how to get free followers on twitter in 2015. What can they do to make sure that money is well-spent? How can companies make their campaigns as successful as possible? Richard Hungerford, Director at Hootsuite Campaigns, will answer these questions and more in Hootsuite Campaigns’ upcoming webinar, Create Engaging Social Campaigns That Convert. He’ll be joined by Tori Tait, Director of Content and Community at The Grommet, and together they’ll discuss The Grommet’s holiday-themed lead generation campaigns, which together earned 32,000 entries and 42,800 views. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the campaign-planning process and reveal opportunities to maximize the reach and conversion of your social media campaigns, from design through to your promotion. Richard is responsible for leading the marketing, sales and product team of Hootsuite Campaigns. Prior to joining Hootsuite, Richard was CEO of Brightkit, a social marketing platform acquired by Hootsuite in July, 2014. He’s helped leading brands and agencies such as NBC, the NHL, Universal Music Group and 3M launch social media campaigns. Tori Tait is the Director of Content & Community at The Grommet, where the most innovative, exciting products—and the Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs behind them—get a voice. Since 2009, Tori has helped amplify stories through goal-driven campaigns, editorial content, and social media, activating a community that is now over 3 million. Whether you want to admit it or not, Tinder is a social media network. Honestly, what’s more social than Tinder? Think about it (or don’t). However, the potential for creepiness and uncomfortable situations is high with this one, and the new update makes this even more so. In November, Tinder made some updates aiming to help make your potential matches more relevant to you, by using the information you provide on your Facebook profile (which you use to login to your Tinder account) to show your job and education, and more twitter retweets those of your matches. I can’t think of many social media interactions more heart-stopping than someone beginning a conversation with you on a dating app by asking you about your specific workplace. Tinder CEO Sean Rad explained to Business Insider that “this update will make Tinder more true to the way we meet people in real life. “Job” and “education” are often two big factors people use to decide whether they want to go on a date with someone.” Still, the creep factor is high with this one.

Hootsuite’s Unofficial 2015 Social Media Awards

As we bid farewell to 2015, it’s time to take part in the ancient historical tradition youtube videos with the most views of looking back at the social media year that was. While there might be posts you’ve shared online that you would rather not reminisce about (why were you wearing that cowboy hat again?), countless brands and professional accounts provided us with superb content in 2015. From new features to innovative campaigns, social media was the site of many notable changes and events this year. While there were far too many standout accounts, posts, and campaigns, we put together a list of our (very unofficial) favorites in each category. Let us know what you think of the (again, very unofficial) winners and what your top choices in each category are! Ah, I still remember where I was when I found out that Instagram was no longer restricting photos and videos to the square format. On August 27th, 2015, there were audible gasps in the Hootsuite offices as the news spread that portrait and landscape images were to be supported by the platform. With “nearly one in five photos or videos people post aren’t in the square format,” this was a much needed and welcomed update. While anyone who’s ever had their grandma comment on their Facebook relationship status might not think this falls under the “random” category, we can’t help but feel that this came out of nowhere. In November of 2015, Facebook introduced a new set of tools that will help you erase an ex-lover or old relationship from your timeline. As The Huffington Post explains, “with the new tool, your ex’s posts will not show up in your News Feed and “their name won’t be suggested when people write a new message or tag friends in photos.” Love in 2015, am I right? While Pinterest’s appeal is heavily based on the platform’s organizational purposes, it used to take ages and much luck to find local users and pins of relevance. To increase efficiency for their users in 2015, Pinterest introduced location-based updates. This is helpful if you want to find people pinning items in and around your geographical region, or if you simply want to take your creeper status to the next level! Having Pinterest search results customized by language and country will save you a ton of time, especially if you were geo-targeting your audience or trying to connect with your local Pinterest community from a professional standpoint. October 2015 saw what Buzzfeed called “the cutest little Twitter spat” take place. Melville House, an independent Brooklyn-based book publisher and international bigwig book publisher Penguin Random House delighted Twitter users facebook likes generator when they got in a good-natured Twitter “feud.” After Melville House posted a Tweet and photo poking fun at Donald Trump, Penguin Random House replied “Don’t you have work to do” which escalated to threats of snail mail being sent, emoji use, and major shade being thrown both ways. The humorous exchange brought Melville House into the spotlight, and showed that both brands are able to poke fun at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. The fact that these are both book publishing companies (yes, real paper and bound books!) just adds to the charm and shows that, with creativity and some great timing, social media allows for any genre of business to shine.


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